NFL veteran launches Willie Anderson Lineman Academy

NFL All-Pro Offensive Tackle Willie Anderson believes that “O-lineman must train their feet to compete. For some reason defenses count on us not being able to move our feet. Get your body moving. They will not stand still and let us block them.”
This video showcases one of the Willie Anderson Lineman Academy run blocking circuit drills. Willie’s purpose for this drill states: “as O-Lineman we don’t run off the ball. We fire off the ball with footwork, leverage and grit. While in space we we scoot to get to our blocks not run. Except when pulling and screens. Scooting our feet in space allows us to keep our feet on the ground for more power and for sudden change of direction blocks.”
Willie’s method focuses on the players body prior to contact. He states that for blocking in space, “(O-lineman) being able to bend must be trained. Kids work on those tight ankles. We gotta be able to put our hand in the dirt or turf 🙄and move people in the run game.”

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